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About Silhouet

Who is Silhouet (Choice Analysis Ltd.) ?

Silhouet was founded in Denmark in 1989 by a team of three Danish Businessmen. They wanted to create a company that offered some basic but highly effective methods for recruitment, organisation and personnel improvement.

One of the founders, Peter Buch moved to England in 1997 and started up Silhouet UK together with Mirva Petajamaa. Silhouet UK is a 100% family owned Limited company (Choice Analysis).

Since then Silhouet has been involved in over 1,000 recruitment projects and are truly considered experts in the field of Personality Testing, Personal Training and Development.

Silhouet is based in East Grinstead, West Sussex but operates in the entire UK.

Peter and Mirva



Telephone: 01892 665777

Mobile: 07894 272611

Silhouet is owned by Choice Analysis Ltd.

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