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Take the hard work out of your recruitment process

Full Recruitment Service

Try Silhouet's Complete Recruitment Service - we are better and have lower fees than most recruitment agencies.

Our successful action to reach lots of applicants has been to advertise on 7 online Recruitment sites (Fish4jobs, Totaljobs, Monster etc). Our service consists of:

  • Helping you with the online advertisement
  • Going through all the CVs and then selecting those who qualify to do a Personality Profile; this would normally be 5 -12 applicants.
  • Then we do the interview with those who are seen as the most suitable.

Finally we present you with the 4-6 best candidates along with our results and evaluations of them. The total time for all this is 2-3 weeks max. very often just 8 days. This will enable you to confidently do the final interview to decide which one you will take on.

Please call or email me to get the exact price (between 1800-2500).

Peter Buch
Tel: 01342 312462

Personality Analysis and Profiling


"We have taken on 2 new staff with the help of Silhouet. Both of them are excellent, highly qualified for the job, hard working and motivated. Thanks to your sophisticates testing/screening method it didn't take long to get the right staff and I didn't have to waste time interview unqualified candidates. Taking your service on board saved me a lot of time and money." H.K. Director Sussex

"We have been using the Silhouet Profile Analysis for more then 3 years now and have found it to be very useful in both recruitment and internal development. The results really supplement the selection process when recruiting and provide a useful "strength's and weaknesses" guide for development." D.B. HR Manager Birmingham

"The pre screening of potential candidates prior to us interviewing them saved us considerable man hours. This coupled with the profile analysis made my job a lot easier in deciding who was going to get the position. Also your very quick response to any questions concerning any applicant after interview was greatly appreciated. A thoroughly professional service." M.B. Managing Director Aviation Company in Dorset


Telephone: 01892 665777

Mobile: 07894 272611

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